quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2016

Rock and Fireball.

I do not understand this obesession bones .
Mine are integers.
I do not understand how to be full , even for a moment all the ashes were cleared my mind
Maybe a deep goodbye explain how to be at peace .

My Friends are the best things among the worst that ever existed

Do not give me any light. I understand that nothing makes sense .
But I can not have possession of all the bad feelings in the world. I can not get so much time lying down , staring at the ceiling and wondering why I'm alive.

I'm no innocent little boy, I grew up.
And maybe part suffer much of the time , sometimes it seems that do not belong to this world ... but I belong , and there is nothing to change this fact.

With or without me , the world is still transmitting their disease , infecting all who are here .
While I 'm hunting monsters that do not exist , searching for healing the wounds caused myself , I'm the one to blame .
The world remains a rock, " floating " in the immense space, revolving around itself and a "fireball " .

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